Jadon Sancho shines in Bundesliga

By Tafadzwa Hove

The English footballer, Jadon Sancho is shining in Bundesliga where he’s making great strides for his team, Borussia Dortmund. The English International is on fire at the moment since he has been currently involved in 10 goals (4 goals, 6 assists).

The teenage footballer scored his first ever Champions league goal last Wednesday as Borussia Dortmund battered Atletico Madrid 4-0.

Sancho has become the first player born in the 2000s to score a brace in the Bundesliga and the youngest to do so for Borussia Dortmund.


Kevin De Bruyne back in training

By Tafadzwa Hove

Manchester City and Belgium midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is back in training after he suffered a serious lateral knee ligament injury 7 weeks ago and initially ruled out for up to four months.

However, City Watch reported that KDB’s return won’t be soon and he will miss this weekend ‘s Man City vs Liverpool match,but with an international break coming up, it is not out of question that he could be seen get minutes against Burnley later this month.

Two days ago, the Man City Boss Pep Guardiola said the 27 year old Midfielder was close to a return for a training. He said, “He’s making the last steps. He will start taking a small part in training in the next days i think. Everything is going well.”

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to get married soon

By Tafadzwa Hove

Marriage is on the mind and the wedding is coming soon for the American singer, Nicki Jonas and Indian actress and singer Priyanka Chopra, according to the US Weekly.

As per report is US weekly, Priyanka Chopra and Nicki Jonas ‘s wedding is likely going to be a mix of Indian and American customs. After their engagement which stunned many fans, a source has been quoted by US weekly saying East-meets-West wedding is coming soon. “The wedding is coming soon and they really want to blend wedding traditions from both their cultures that are important to them. Priyanka is really having a good time planning the wedding because it’s a mix of Indian and American styles and customs, which she knows so much about.”

Jonathan mocks the Herald at publishing a story, “Makandiwa prophesied oil discovery in 2015.”

By Tafadzwa Hove

Exiled Former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has mocked the Herald Zimbabwe for its story about oil prophecy. Professor Jonathan Moyo who once benefitted a lot under Robert Mugabe regime is now well known as a critic of the current Emmerson Mnangagwa government.

The recent discovery of oil in Zimbabwe as confirmed by Australian company Invictus Limited on Monday, has led the Herald Zimbabwe to report a story that United Family International Church leader (UFIC) Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied about oil discovery in 2015.

Although he did not name the place in his 2015 prophecy, the Herald reported that, Makandiwa said that the discovery of oil was going to end Zimbabwe ‘s economic problems.

However, Jonathan Moyo mocked the Herald through his Twitter account saying, “”Makandiwa prophesied oil discovery in 2015”


This is pure @HeraldZimbabwe crap & an indictment of Zim’s scientific community.

The Zambezi basin oil deposits were ‘discovered’ ages before Independence. Mobil was in Muzarabani in the early 1950s! “

Khloe Kardashian takes to twitter to fight comments about daughter

By Tafadzwa Hove

The American reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has taken to Twitter to express her concern over people’s comments on daughter, True’s skin appearance. This is not the first time the reality TV star took to twitter to fight for daughter, True.

On July 8,2018 one Twitter user said that her 3 month old daughter was “not cute at all” and Khloe tweeted back saying, “What self-respecting adult would even comment on a child’s appearance? What type of a disgusting human being are you? It’s pathetic that you are this miserable in your life?”.

This time again is no exception! Khloe took to Twitter to say, “I dislike the fact that people are allowed to comment on my daughters skin color but as soon as I comment kindly back and praise her for all that she is, the comment gets erased. If you have the courage to post your nasty criticism please allow one to defend or comment back. ”

She also said,”We need to learn to praise all skin tones/ethnicities! Our beauty is in our differences. We can learn so much! So proud of every human who is confident in who they are. I’m in my 30s I think I’m just finding this confidence. So I am patient with others. But allow me to voice mine. “

Zim ‘s DJ stavo to tie the knot today

By Tafadzwa Hove

Top wheel-spinner and Music producer DJ Stavo – real name Steven Sanders is set to wed with wife, Kudzai Alifa today at Meikles Hotel in the capital.

Dj stavo and Kudzai are long time lovers who share two kids together and have been traditionally married for over five years. The wedding has 200 invited guests, among a number of celebrities, socialites and family, friends and colleagues, (H.Metro).

Whilst expressing his happiness for the day, DJ stavo posted a quote on Instagram which reads, “You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without. Where there’s love, there’s life.” #BigDayToday

Isaac Amata gives prophecies concerning current Zimbabwean situation

By Tafadzwa Hove

Nigerian Prophet who resides in Zambia, Isaac Amata gave prophecies concerning the current Zimbabwe political situation at hand. He prophesied what was going to take place during and after the Zimbabwe elections. The elections which were held on the 30th of July, 2018 saw Emmerson Mnangagwa of the ruling party ZANU-PF emerging as a winner with 50.8% against his main opponent Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance who also got 44.3% of votes.

It is allegedly reported that Isaac Amata was once accused of trafficking and importing of 26. 29 of ephedrine without lawful authority.

Some of Isaac Amata’s prophecies in which he predicted Emmerson Mnangagwa as a winner were accurate. Here’s a glimpse of his prophecies which he shared via his Facebook page :

“”I SAW A SWEEPING VICTORY FOR MNANGAGWA OF ZIMBABWE ..” I want to state that GOD SPEAKS… GOD CONFIRMS! in that three fold July 18 prophecy God revealed to me…it came to pass! He won by a landslide. He went further to say..”I see the old lion(emmerson) defeating the young lion(Chamisa) .Congratulations to both Mnangagwaand beloved Nelson Chamisa! You are still destined to be president!”

Remember l saw the rejection of the Zimbabwean elections and violence and protests and army on the streets! All God has brought to pass! Emerson forges ahead to lead Zimbabwe to great foreign investments breakthroughs! WHEN A TRUE PROPHET SPEAKS THE WISE LISTENS! GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST!”…Message by Prophet Isaac Amata

His prophecies were fulfilled in the context of violence which marred the CBD of Harare, Zimbabwe on Wednesday 1 August 2018 whereby the MDC Alliance supporters took to the CBD to demonstrate against the ruling party accusing it of rigging elections against their party.

Kevin Hart gives 18 students scholarships worth $600 000

Actor comedian Kevin Hart stunned 18 HBCU college students by sponsoring them $600 000 for college scholarships at a United Negro Fund College dinner.

The comedian took to Instagram to write about his charity activity. He said, “Yesterday i surprised 18 HBCU students with scholarships to complete their college degrees. Major thank you to my partners @UNCF @kippschools for helping me…. you guys stepped up to the table and matched up my donation and we awarded $600 000.

Jonathan Moyo mocks Mnangagwa after Mugabe turns his back against Mnangagwa

Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe who was removed from power through a soft coup by the military in November 2017 stunned many yesterday by going against his former party Zimbabwe African National Union for Patriotic Font (ZANUPF) as he made it clear that he was not going to vote for Mnangagwa. Here’s a glimpse of some of Robert Mugabe ‘s statements yesterday

Mugabe: “I can’t vote for Zanu-PF. If I can’t vote for those in power, who are my (laughs) , or have brought me to this state, I can’t vote. So its the MDC or Mai Mujuru or Khupe but those two aren’t popular they dont offer very much. So there is just Chamisa ”

I wouldn’t vote for either of the women because they don’t seem to have much support says Mugabe

Exiled Higher Education former minister Jonathan Moyo who has since expressed his bitterness against the Mnangagwa government mocked Mnangagwa saying,” ZanuPF Comrades, If Mnangagwa can torment President Mugabe & cause him to vote for Chamisa; imagine how much tormenting you will suffer tomorrow, if you don’t join President Mugabe & vote for Chamisa today? Don’t wait for Mnangagwa to torment you tomorrow; vote for Chamisa today! “