Chamisa criticised for blocking people on Twitter

By Tafadzwa Hove

People from different spheres of Zimbabwe have criticised opposition leader for Movement for Democratic Change, Nelson Chamisa for blocking them on Twitter. Some have said that, the opposition leader is, ‘allergic’, to discerning voices who always tell him the truth.

One Twitter user said, “Was blocked long time ago this guy doesn’t accept criticism at all maybe I was telling him the truth.. Coz the truth hurts..”.

The Zimbabwean media mogul Trevor Ncube backed the above mentioned Twitter User and said, “If he can block you as leader of the opposition for criticizing him l shudder to think what he will do to you when you make that fatal mistake” …

*Another user also laughed in the comments section and said, “I was also blocked by the man NC, kkkk.”

Here are the rest of comments of the people who condemned Chamisa for his behavior :

*”I asked him what he was doing to make lives of πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡Ό citizens better since what he was only tweeting about were problems with no solutions, so I got lots of likes for that question next day I was blocked…”

*”Ask for forgiveness or else zvogara zvakadaro.
And just make sure he will not be president of Zim 🀣🀣🀣for now is not in charge of Zim. Someone is, who was voted by the majority of zim people.”

*”He is a clown.”

*”Someone who’s not taking advice or listening to his advisers will probably not listen to anyone when they get in power. That situation isn’t going to change.”

*”Anyone who blocks people is a coward… In fact, a fool. Personally l will never support blocking anyone… For what reason? People like Chamisa are Dictators, they can’t take criticism or being opposed… That’s cowardice.”

However some of the Twitter users seemed to be in support of Chamisa saying it was his right since he is a human who has got feelings too.

Here are the pro-Chamisa comments below :

*”You should have asked ED that qn … NC is not the president of this country ask mukoma wako ED.”

*”He has every right to do so, the same way you always boast of blocking people who don’t agree with you. ”

*”Everyone one reserves the right to block anyone if they feel so. It’s social media after all. We are more concerned with those that block our progress as a nation by reducing our disposable income…That’s the mistake we are living with at the moment.”

*”Trevor walk the talk you dont have the guts to blame chamisa for blocking people you blocked a lot than him.”

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