Liverpool wins the Premier League title after 30 years of waiting

By Tafadzwa Hove

History has been made as Liverpool FC are crowned Premier League champions. Liverpool, a team which had previously won 18 league titles has won the English premier league after not winning any since 1990.

Liverpool have been able to end a 30 year championship drought after second placed Manchester City lost 1-2 to Chelsea, leading Liverpool to be crowned Premier League champions.

Liverpool need to win their remaining 3 games at Anfield in order to become the first Premier League side to win all 19 home games in a season and history will be made again.

Liverpool’s coach shed tears after winning the Premier league title in 30 years. Klopp said, “This is a big moment. I have no words. I am completely overwhelmed. I never thought I would feel like this.”

Meanwhile Liverpool fans have gathered at Anfield to celebrate first trophy in 30 years;a title which was under threat from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Liverpool players have also reacted after the big win.

Liverpool defender wrote on Instagram,” At the end of a storm, there’s a golden sky.. We did it!!”

“And now you’re gonna believe us…… ❤️”, wrote the Liverpool Captain Jordan Henderson.

3 thoughts on “Liverpool wins the Premier League title after 30 years of waiting

  1. Liverpool’s spectacular season is largely due to their superb team and manager. Another factor aiding their record is the poor performance of the rest of the big six. Man City was beset by long term injuries to Laporte and Sane as well as lengthy absences from other top men. Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Man U all fell well below their normal level of performance, switching managers and generally losing their way and making no impact whatsoever on the champions’ record.

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