Entrepreneur in men tailored suits mourns death of customer

By Tafadzwa Hove

An entrepreneur who is in men tailored suits business is mourning the death of customer on Twitter. A man identified by the name Tshepo Mashego wrote about how in February he started the process of tailer making a suit for a gentleman who was about to get married in April this year .

This all came to a standstill due to lockdown. Mashego wrote, “lockdown happened so he couldn’t collect his suit, yesterday I was told that he now needs to wear it to his final place of resting.”

He further added, “This sits heavily on me. I feel for his wife.”

Heartfelt responses came in after the heartbreaking post. You can read some of the responses below :

I am praying for the wife, this is beyond devastating.

This is not the 2020 we ordered, may his soul rest well… But most importantly, may his family, Freinds and relatives find peace.

” Life as we know it..”

Ow boy, that got depressing fast. I feel for his own family (mom, dad etc) as well as his fiance and their family. We live in such hard times. ”

” Can’t imagine what the wife is going thru Broken heart sending my prayers to them Loudly crying face. ”

” Too many sad endings lately. ”

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