Don’t look back

By Tafadzwa Hove

In life we should always strive to look forward and avoid the trap of looking back. When we face life’s uncertainties we tend to blame our family background, poor education, economic crisis in our nation and some unfavourable circumstances taking place around us. Why do we forget what the Word of God says in Isaiah 43:19 which says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs forth, shall you not see it? I am making a way in the wilderness, and a river in the desert?.”In other words, you can only look forward by depending on the Word of God.

Avoid the trap of looking back unless it is to glorify God for what He did for you in the past. Upon all the promises of salvation Lot’s wife had received,she looked back hence she became a pillar of salt. Do you see the snare of looking back?

Satan can only manipulate us when we look back. He is in the past.Satan discusses our past because that is the only information he has about us. In other words, the devil is the past whilst Christ is the future. Therefore as children of God, we cannot look at two directions at the same time. NO! That is why we fail sometimes. Right now Jesus is calling you to look forward to Him and discover new strength, new courage. Discovery is for forward lookers, not for those who only think about the past. It is by looking forward that you discover new things, new horizons and new opportunities that you would not have ordinarily dreamt of.

Look forward to Jesus today the only one who discusses our future.

4 thoughts on “Don’t look back

  1. I’ve learned a very important lesson in your message. That the devil is the past whilst Christ is the future. To always be present and focus on the future, accept the past and learn from it.

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