20 year old girl turns into millionaire through hairdressing

By Tafadzwa Hove

Nia The Loc God, a self-taught hairdresser has become a self-made millionaire after she began a hairdressing business venture without formal training.

Nia The Loc God, has revealed on Twitter as to how she became a millionaire at such a tender age. She stated that she simply started by making herself and her mother’s hair at home and was later recruited by a local braiding firm due to her talent.

Whilst doing what she was born for, the beautiful girl launched her own product line and it has become greatly successful and she’s out of words.

Nia The Loc God wrote on Twitter, “Some of you are confused by exactly how I became a millionaire. I started off doing my own hair and my mother’s hair at home. Eventually I had the opportunity to work in a hair braiding shop. I did hair for 3 years. When I was 19,I started my own product line.”

After barely a year when the product line was initiated, Nia The Loc God is now a full-time CEO whose networth has been estimated to be over a million US dollars.

This amazing story is a testament to young people out there to never give up on themselves;even without formal training they can achieve great things.

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