Inspiring: Woman who started baking business using a wheelbarrow now employs 2 people

By Tafadzwa Hove

A story of a woman who started a baking business at home making use of a wheelbarrow is making rounds on the internet and has inspired many. The woman by the name Tumelo Motau hails from Limpopo ,South Africa.

Motau (34) recently bought a pick-up truck and now supplies her products to tuckshops within her area. She sells bread ,fat cakes and bread rolls. This is a huge milestone for Motau as she also created employment for two people.

Netizens were greatly inspired by this remarkable story as they have ushered in praising comments. Here are some of the few comments below :

“A lady on a mission, Work Girl…..”

“This is the kind of people the government must assist to grow their business. Not the multi millions going to connected cadres.”

“This lady is empowered by ambition. She must be exalted….”

“You must see her at work, she’s got the most gifted hands, and such a blessed mind. Big up”

“Inspirational story. With clear vision of where you want to go, you will definitely find your way even though difficult.”


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I wish south African can learn from you and stop complaining about unemployment while sitting under the tree smoking and chatting

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11 thoughts on “Inspiring: Woman who started baking business using a wheelbarrow now employs 2 people

  1. A powerful story thank you for writing to let folks from even across the sea rejoice to KNOW that folks in South AFRICA have this kind of ambition and drive. INSPIRATIONAL

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