The importance of reading the word of God

By Tafadzwa Hove

You must give your quality time, strength and love to the word of God. The answer to your prayer that you need is found in the word of God. That healing, deliverance, breakthrough is found in the word!

The word of God has a purifying power, it has converting power. When you take the word to heart and truly make it part of you, it will be by its very nature change you.

The word of God is essential because it keeps one from sin and error.* It rejoices the heart.

* It is food for our soul and a guide for our feet.

* It is light to our path.

You may not understand it at first when you read it. Its not like any other book. It is not like reading literature, newspapers, fashion magazines etc, and the difference between the above mentioned is inspired by the language of men and the Word of God is inspired by the Spirit of God.

Read the word slowly, attentively and repeatedly. Let your heart crave for it. And then, there’s also need to meditate on the word day and night. Meditating on the word is important because it brings revelation.

Scriptural reading and prayer should always go together. One is not complete without the other. Scriptural prayer releases the power of God. Prayer is not effective if it is not based on the word of God. When the devil tried to tempt Jesus, Jesus responded by quoting the scriptures and was victorious.

When you read the Bible, you are hearing God speak to you. You are meeting Him face to face. So fill your prayers with scriptures!