Kenyan entrepreneur opens factory producing plastic bricks

By Tafadzwa Hove

In an interesting story making rounds online , Nzambi Matee, an entrepreneur from Kenya who is the founder and owner of Gjenge Makers,  has opened an innovative company that changes plastic waste into bricks that can last longer than concrete.

Matee, a materials engineer, founded the company in the year 2018 out of frustration with what the government was doing (and not doing) with the problem of plastic pollution.

“I was tired of being on the sidelines,” she was heard  telling Reuters.  Matee procures  the waste that cannot be recycled from recyclers for a small amount. She also procures the waste from packaging factories free of charge.

Her factory manufactures different varieties of plastic waste such as high-density polyethylene, used in milk ,bleach bottles and shampoo bottles; low-density polyethylene, often used as bags for cereals or sandwiches; and polypropylene, used for ropes, flip-top lids, and buckets; except polyethylene terephthalate or PET, commonly used for plastic bottles.

She has employed her knowledge within the field in  designing machines that blend plastic waste with sand, heat it, and compress into bricks in different thickness and color. Matee boldly and  proudly claims that their product is “almost five to seven times stronger than concrete” yet sustainable and affordable.

Since the time of it’s formation, her factory has recycled over 20 tonnes of plastic waste, producing 1,500 bricks each day. She said she hopes to add another bigger production line that could triple capacity.

He started with only R800 (US$56),now makes R20 000(US$1 400) per month

By Tafadzwa Hove

In an amazing story which is circulating on social media ,a young man from South Africa has inspired a lot of netizens  by his street hustle business . The man Itumeleng Lekomanyane (29) is the founder of Sandwich Ntam Ntam a street hustle which is focused on sandwiches and scones.

This shows that anything is possible in this life if you put in hardwork ,consistency  and patience to it . This story supports the famous saying,”anything big starts small”,as Lekomanyane is now earning an income of R20 000 ( US$ 1400) after getting started with only R800 (US$56).

Lekomanyane now has 5 stations where he conducts his street hustle and has even employed four people.

Jerusalema hits 100 million views on YouTube

By Tafadzwa Hove

The popular hit Jerusalem by South African singer Master KG has amassed a total of 100 million views on YouTube. The hit was released 8 months ago.

Jerusalema has become the first South African Music video to ever reach that figure. Actually , only few videos from Africa have been able to heap up over a hundred million views within a short period of time like this.

Jerusalema took the world by storm, yielding to a viral dance challenge that has seen the song continue to rise in popularity.

“Dreams Are Valid Don’t Sleep On Your Self” We Did It @nomcebozikode Thank You World”, the Jerusalema hit maker wrote on Instagram.

Ghanaian woman makes history as she completes neurology residency

By Tafadzwa Hove

A Ghanaian woman identified as Dr Denise.A Asafo-Adjei has made Ghana and Africa as well proud as she became the first black woman to complete a residency in neurology at Columbia University.

The woman announced this relatively rare and difficult accomplishment on Instagram.

She wrote, “I am super proud to be the first black woman to complete Residency in Urology at Columbia University.”

No black woman has ever completed residency at Columbia University until now.

The smart Ghanaian doctor gave thanks to God, parents, siblings, family, friends, mentors, sponsors and her boyfriend .

“It truly takes a village to raise a doctor, “, she further said.

She also shared that she was excited to start her first day of fellowship the next coming day at UCLA in Andrology (Sexual Dysfunction and Male Infertility)