Coffin maker becomes millionaire as meteorite crashes through his wall

By Tafadzwa Hove

A coffin maker, Josua Hutagulang who is based in Indonesia has become a millionaire overnight after a meteorite from space landed on his house.

The rock which is worth £1.4 million fell through the roof of Josua’s house as he was working on a coffin next to his house.

The meteorite, weighing 2.1kg was still warm and partially broken when the man brought it out from where it landed.

Daily Mail reported that , residents who heard the sound when the rock landed came to his house to have a look of it, according to Josua.

The rock was bought by a doctor and meteorite collector in the United States of America identified as Jay Piatek. Josua vowed to use part of his money to build a church in his community.